TEA BATH’S ; Our bath teas are the perfect way to end the day. When you step into the warm bath to soak, and you inhale amazing  blends of delightful aromas, ready for stress to simply disappear as your muscles relax, your mind lets go of the day, and you feel peace and tranquility herbal ingredients that have been specifically selected for their stress-reducing, sedative properties. They are known to relieve headaches, relax the mind, reduce bouts of insomnia, calm nerves, soothe inflamed skin, boost the immune system, and act as a tonic on the entire body!  Blended with detoxifying salts that actually pull out toxins and allow beneficial minerals to soak into the deeper layers of skin, muscles and joints to relieve tension, stimulate circulation, and refresh body each 50 mg bag / 3 per container

Tea Bath Blends Pack of 3