Pitcher Packs! 200 mg total : 8 cups total approximately 25 mg each. Every time you pick up a mango and salivate over its sweet, delicious smell, you are reacting to the most prevalent terpene in mangoes: myrcene. Terpenes are almost always responsible for the aroma of a herb, fruit or vegetable. Cannabis is packed with a variety of different terpenes. However, terpenes don’t just give off aromas. They cause a myriad of different physiological and psychological effects. Interestingly, terpenes are the active ingredients of essential oils, which are the grounding principle in which aromatherapy is based. Mangoes have an extremely high concentration of myrcene, the same terpene that is responsible for intensifying the cannabis high.

Mango, Black Tea , Lemon Peel, CBD 

Mango Party Pack 200 mg : Make a pitcher / 8 cups