LAVENDER CHAMOMILE 🌘🌼This flowery combo of lavender and chamomile proves that tranquility and calmness can be found during even the most hectic of days. Enjoy hot or iced. Caffeine Free ! Still containing our  rooibos with natural ingredients that produce relaxing effects for both your body & mind.Chamomile has properties that may aid sleep and digestion, combined with Mallow which is used for irritation of the mouth and throat, dry cough, and bronchitis. It is also used for stomach and bladder complaints. Not leaving out the lavender which helps aid with having anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritated stomach muscles, eliminating stomach pain. These same antispasmodic effects can help relieve indigestion, gas, and bloating

10 mg / 60 mg Lavender & Chamomile