Brew-in-Bag ! Perfect for on the go, or relaxing night at home.  To Brew: Add hot water directly into bag: Brews tea perfectly :  Everywhere, Anytime!

Great for: Travelers, Camping, Students and Office. Within each bag is a unique filter system, which perfectly brews the medicated tea or Hot Chocolate . Just add hot water to the bag… it’s that easy and fun too! Made with environmentally friendly materials that are more than 65% biodegradable. Food-grade safe and toxic-free. High-heat resilient 200+ degrees. Bag is heat-safe for handling.  HOT! Brews 2 servings. Within this bag is a unique filter system, which perfectly brews up to 2 servings of delicious fresh tea. Remove spout cap. Safely heat water and slowly pour into bag (fill to max line), wait 3-5 minutes, pour into cup(s) and enjoy!


Re-use the bag: Bag may be re-used for a second brew. Simply discard used grounds or chocolate, gently rinse thoroughly, air dry, reload with 5 round tablespoons of tea or refill pack of hot chocolate . 


Cocoa, used throughout history as a folk medicine, may actually have significant health benefits, according to a new study by Harvard researchers.

Their analysis of 21 studies with 2,575 participants shows that cocoa consumption is associated with decreased blood pressure, improved blood vessel health, and improvement in cholesterol levels, among other benefits.

Eric L. Ding, PhD, of Harvard Medical School says the apparent health benefits come from polyphenolic flavonoids in cocoa that have the potential to prevent heart disease. Flavonoids are antioxidants that are commonly found in fruits, vegetables, tea, wine, and coffee.

Cocoa Flavonoids Good for Cholesterol

In addition to decreasing blood pressure and improving blood vessel health, consumption of flavonoid-rich cocoa decreased “bad” LDL cholesterol among people under age 50, and increased good HDL cholesterol.

Hot Cocoa : BREW IN BAG