Collaborations are a beautiful thing 👏🏼 COMING SOON : Focusing on whole body, holistic care ! we will be releasing Monthly Goodie bags including CBD strains focusing on whole body mind , body & spirit ! 

Mindfulness is a personal journey towards self-love and inner peace that can be practiced in many forms. Some may find their journey leads them to yoga and meditation, others will find their inner peace in teas, crystals & cannabis. Our monthly goodie bags that is curated with items and activities that can help you practice mindfulness.

To get you started on your journey to practicing mindfulness, You’ll find Goodies that focus on daily self-care through positive reinforcement, spiritual healing, relaxation and spa care, aromatherapy and other comforts including CBD strains. Find on our website First week of June 

CBD Goodie Bags - Pre Order Release Next Week