Blends with all natural anti inflammatory ingredients : Clove, cinnamon , ginger , CBD , Rooibos

6 pack- 10 mg each tea bag  ($18.00) 20 mg each tea bag ( $ 29.99 ) Half dozen

CBD 0% THC !!The amount of people seeking alternative ways to medicate without pharmacetical drugs are rising. Cannabis isn’t a taboo any longer its becoming a great way to replace many if not all pills. Cannabis Tea Bags are a great way to micro dose throughout the day being able to keep a stable but minimum amount of calming cannabiniods, keeping the nerves at bay. Each tea bag has a combination of beneficial cannabinoids with added natural extracts making the blend work fast giving a calming and relax feeling with the first cup.
Every added ingredient has it's own medical compounds. Clove, ginger, cinnamon all show amazing benefits when it comes to inflammation, digestion issues and immune boosters. 

10 mg / 60 mg Reboot Rooibos Blend - Caffeine Free: COLD OR HOT

MG Amount